You don't believe Me ???


I said I have moved, go there, stop checking this blog,

Stop checking this blog


I have really moved so please stop checking this blog.

People I have moved.


I have moved

See you there, I, me, myself have moved to

Building a Metro


Sheikh Zayed Road
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Dubai is building a fast metro system. It will not only be state of the art but the path is built in a way rather than just commute people but to give them a tour of the main touristic locations through some over ground locations. Kinda f advertising your own city and its attractions. The digging has already started and the marks are visible all over dubai.

You can see the sand piles at the side of the road at the bottom of this photo.

Rolls Royce


Rolls Royce
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So I own a Rolls Royce, I am filthy rich, I'll drive it for 8 hours to Dubai and show off with it. Interesting concept if you are the Saudi owner of this car.

Toyota Cowrolla


Toyota Cowrolla
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Coming in 2020, the new Toyota Cowrolla. It goes vroom vrooom moooooooooo

exposed prices


exposed prices
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I can post from flickr again. has placed my blog on their spam generator list. I don't how and why but they did and they didnt inform me of that. So blogging for me was an easy experience where I have to go through different things to accomplish a single blog.
But in the end I sorted it.
I thought mark would love this, harmon house in dubai were on sale upto 50% on various audio and AV recievers.

Glad to be back


One week in Dubai and I am so glad to be back. I used to love Dubai. Shopping heaven, fast internet, clean roads, cheap car rentals, and above all exposure to so many new electronics at cheap prices. I spent 6 days in Dubai and missed all of the above.
I am starting to feel more belonging to Kuwait with all the things I hate in it. I think the stuff I love in it are overshadowing the bad stuff.

I had a 2mb line in my hotel but flickr was closed :(
photosig was closed.
I got upgraded to a 3 bed room suite. Thats the bright side. The dark side is; The internet connection was wired and it was in the livign room only. So no bed time internet :(
The malls are all on special promotions but the traffic is too much to go anywhere. I finish my meetings at 7:00, add 2 hours to get to the hotel. and 1 hour to get to the mall :(

I am back home. 1:30 am in the morning and blogging from the comfort of my bed and the warmth of my wife's hug and before I forget the whining of my dog who missed me and doesnt understand why I am not spending my night next to him in his room.

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