Sleepless in Salwa

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I am watching the same movie, It's called "sleepless in Salwa" Mark is watching "sleepless in Salmiya" both are a twist from "sleepless in Seattle"

My dog, the needy mofo, won't sleep if we are not around him and he wants to sleep in bed and cuddle under my arm, worked for a week, but he has the bell around his neck so this is one week of no sleeping for me or my wife.
My latest trick, Miki doesnt make sound if he knows we are out of the house, so yesterday night, i went to the door, opened it, said bye and closed the door and stayed still. After 10 minutes I heard his bell while he is going to bed, 5 minutes later, no more bell. then i sneaked to bed and there was no noise till 6:00 am, kinda of a new record.
My wife went to work at 9:00 and I was still in bed and he thought everyone left, so he was quite untill i woke up at 1:00. A new record, I slept for 10 hours so far, its more than the whole week.

Food: he is eating chicken wings, he lovvvvvvves them, I was giving him the wing cut in pieces but now he loves a full wing, and he makes his way through the bones and the meat and he always leaves a small bone after he finishes, don't know why, but he keeps the same bone and cut almost the same, kinda of a trade mark I think.

I hope the experiment works again tonight, or else I am going to loose my brains.

4 Responses to “Sleepless in Salwa”

  1. Anonymous Caffeinated 

    Don't let him be a tubby puppy with all that chicken, hehehe.

  2. Anonymous Don Veto 

    Careful, you are going to spoil your dog. You need to establish who is the Alpha male by being the dominant one. Don't give him any of your food, only dry dog food. It is better for his health and he will understand that he cannot touch your food. As for sleep, you need to make him understand his sleeping place and time. Otherwise, he will grow up thinking he is the Alpha dog.

    He might be cute now, but when he gets older and bigger he will become a nuisance if he has bad habits then you will need to take more drastic measures which is not fair to you or the dog.

    Good Luck.

  3. Anonymous The Stallion 

    Don't feed him chicken bones it's not good! Peel the chicken off the bone before giving it to him!

  4. Anonymous fadibou 

    why Stallion Why ?????

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