Miki & Kimi

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Miki & Kimi
Originally uploaded by fadibou.

Miki and Kimi are home.
- 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM in the airpor to get them out
- 3 days of no sleeping
- They are both sick from the flight.
- I surely need to send them for housebreaking training
- Miki is unbearable, next time my pet is a pencil or an eraser.
- The Vet was cheap, thats a surprise, I expected to pay 50 KD but I ended up with 8.5 KD only.
- Ace Hardware accessories cost me 60 KD for Miki.
************ I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, pleeeeeeease stop barking.
More Photos of the dogs on this link

5 Responses to “Miki & Kimi”

  1. Anonymous Purgatory 

    That is what you get when you have pets, next time buy silent pets

  2. Anonymous fadibou 

    advice taken

  3. Anonymous Moe 

    Oooh where in Kuwait do you take dogs to be trained? I just got a STUBBORN AS HELL bulldog and a Japanese Spitz and I deseprately need them to be trained!

  4. Anonymous Jazz Central 

    Ok...one question. I met Miki, but where did Kimi come from? How come I did not see Kimi when we came over?

  5. Anonymous The Stallion 

    My question is exactly JC's question! Where did Kimi come from?

    Moe: There is a place in Abdilli that trains all kinds of animals! I have a friend who's getting 4 dogs trained there! His dogs are huge though!

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