Miki Sleeps tonight


Miki Feb 21 - 05
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Its been 3 nights and Miki has been sleeping. By the power of the black glove. He hates it. Its enough to hang it next to his room and his sleeps. I think he gets nightmares all night long about the black glove but still he managed to sleep. So 3 nights in a row and we are sleeping. Case closed.
Now we need to solve the ever lasting peeing issue. He loves to pee around anywhere in the house. Specifically the middle of the living room or anywhere clean and has no smell of him.

Playstation 3 will cost Sony an incredible $900 per unit


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Mikis ears are standing up


Miki on Feb 15
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All Mini Pins like my dog have their ears standing up like dobbermens. I didn't know if the process happens by itself or its actually done through cutting the ears or something. Last week I noticed a change in one of the ears of Miki, the right ear, and now the left one is following it. Today the right ear was up for a while then it went down again. It's a matter of time before both ears are up straight.
PS: He and I didn't sleep last night :(

Miki Slept = I Slept


Today was ammazing, I actually managed to sleep last night for like 11 pm to 9:30 am
with one interruption only from the dog. Exhausting him worked, he slept and was so tired to move his ass or cry or whine or bark.
Congratulations to me.

I slept.

Step 2: We need to repeat the events of last night again so I manage to recollect my life, this dog is not in my schedule and I deserve to rest in the weekend after a week of work.
The Cats however are taking full advantage of my lack of sleeping and the fact that I am not using my bike for nearly 1 month now and thy love the area under the cover. Their pissing and dirt is all I have and I am not surprised to find a cat giving birth there.

Source of my misery


Miki on Feb 15
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Our dog is turning into the source of my misery. I cant sleep with him barking and screaming all night long. Nothing is working with him. All he wants to do is play, play, play and play. And yes, he likes to eat sometimes but play comes first.

Dog Expert


I just bought 3 books about Mini Pinschers. I will read them and even buy more books hoping that I will understand how to make my dog sleep at night.
People I neeeeeeeeeeeed to sleeep for 7 hours per night, is that too much to ask??
I am reading more stuff about dogs and pinschers than IT. That is so unfair.

Stairs of Leo Burnett


Stairs of Leo Burnett
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Leo Burnette have cool hallways between their offices; bean bags and some nice lively colors. Today I woke to realize I had a good view and the pool had two good looking ladies doing some laps across. But damn I thought they will do 5 or 10 minutes but i went to shower and got out, got dressed and got ready to leave and they were still doing laps, thats like 40 minutes from the time I woke till the time I leave my room. I came back to my room at 7:00 pm but surprisingly they have left by then !!!

Radisson SAS pool


Radisson SAS pool
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Contrary to last night, the pool light was on and I realized I had a a great room. I mean the view is to the pool and the office of Leo Burnett, I always thought they had more women but I am wrong, its mostly guys and damn they are working late.

Dubai TV


Dubai TV
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First night in Dubai Radisson SAS and my room has a view to nothing. Its all dark and the only thing I can see is the Dubai TV building. This is a new building here, at least for me.

Sleepless in Salwa


I am watching the same movie, It's called "sleepless in Salwa" Mark is watching "sleepless in Salmiya" both are a twist from "sleepless in Seattle"

My dog, the needy mofo, won't sleep if we are not around him and he wants to sleep in bed and cuddle under my arm, worked for a week, but he has the bell around his neck so this is one week of no sleeping for me or my wife.
My latest trick, Miki doesnt make sound if he knows we are out of the house, so yesterday night, i went to the door, opened it, said bye and closed the door and stayed still. After 10 minutes I heard his bell while he is going to bed, 5 minutes later, no more bell. then i sneaked to bed and there was no noise till 6:00 am, kinda of a new record.
My wife went to work at 9:00 and I was still in bed and he thought everyone left, so he was quite untill i woke up at 1:00. A new record, I slept for 10 hours so far, its more than the whole week.

Food: he is eating chicken wings, he lovvvvvvves them, I was giving him the wing cut in pieces but now he loves a full wing, and he makes his way through the bones and the meat and he always leaves a small bone after he finishes, don't know why, but he keeps the same bone and cut almost the same, kinda of a trade mark I think.

I hope the experiment works again tonight, or else I am going to loose my brains.

Miki & Kimi


Miki & Kimi
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Miki and Kimi are home.
- 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM in the airpor to get them out
- 3 days of no sleeping
- They are both sick from the flight.
- I surely need to send them for housebreaking training
- Miki is unbearable, next time my pet is a pencil or an eraser.
- The Vet was cheap, thats a surprise, I expected to pay 50 KD but I ended up with 8.5 KD only.
- Ace Hardware accessories cost me 60 KD for Miki.
************ I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, pleeeeeeease stop barking.
More Photos of the dogs on this link

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