Riding Day

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Street Bob
Originally uploaded by fadibou.

I did my first long ride today. 8:00 am all the way to wafra and back. Yeep burnt around 300 km today on the bike along with sometimes few and sometimes many other riders. 11:30 I was back to Radisson SAS and we took a slow ride all the way on gulf road to Shweikh and returned to park the bikes in Marina Mall and had lunch.
What a day, 120 KM/hr on the open roads and in freezing morning cold, what a feelin. Now the bad side is, I need to wash the bike and my wrists hurt like hell, I mean they hurt, pain, pain, I'd better stop typing ......

I guess you noticed, I changed the look of my blog and stopped the domain forwarding. So in 1 or 2 days, you can't come here using www.fadibou.com.
It will be available on http://fadibou.blogspot.com only

6 Responses to “Riding Day”

  1. Anonymous juddy abbott 

    hot hot HOT new blog i love it like it admire it :)

    man all day ride thats really long !!! i bet your butt hurts more :P LOL with all the engine jigglying wiggiling :) maan :) i wont do it unsless they give me million KD's :P

  2. Anonymous Q8Sultana 


    Nice new template!

    I just redid my own template and I think we used the same one as the original, but did our own stuff to it...

    Happy riding! :o)

  3. Anonymous fadibou 

    Hey Juddy, Thanks for the comments and you are right, everything hurts after almost 5 hours of continsous riding.

    Sultana, I will check your template and give you my comments on it, I will continue to change mine untill it looks more bikish :)

  4. Anonymous The Stallion 

    Great template and nice pic!

  5. Anonymous Caffeinatedkuwaiti 

    Goodness. It took me a sec to find the links to your comments section. Too high -tech for me :-) I do like the new look. Black is back.

  6. Anonymous fadibou 

    am sorry caff, but i do like the black look in the blog. I will try to make some mods to make the comments section appear easier. I am also working on my other site in parallel so its a bit overdozish at the current time. see this weekend

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