Last ride for 2005

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HOGs last ride for 2005
Originally uploaded by fadibou.

Today was eventfull and long.
Morning period: Breakfast at Le Notre on Gulf Road, Ride to Second Cup salmiya.
Noon Time: Ride from Second Cup @ Galleria 2000 to Abdali Farms.
Night Time: Ride from Abdalli farms to Iraq border and then back to Kuwait city.
* Great breakfast
* 330 KM on the bike
* Longest ride so far
* 8 Degrees Centigrade at 120 KM/Hr
* Frozen hands, feet, neck, legs and ....
* Stone chips hitting me like a punishment
*. North Kuwait looks like a mini grand canyon with great rock formations
* Abdalli is far
* Iraq is close
* North Kuwait is colder by 5 Degrees
* North Kuwait has cleaner and less dusty air
* American tanks coming from Iraq
* American tanks going to Iraq
* Its a long way home when its cold and you can't close the window and the windshield is your helmet
* Most memorable clip: One of our fellow riders hit a piece of a blown tyre at 120 KM/Hr and he flew with his bike in the air, luckily he landed with his 2 tyres on the ground and continued without any injuries. Poor guy he flew like 1.5M off the ground and landed. I don't think he would do it again for a Million Dollars.
* My wife is upset, I have been out for 12 hours.

4 Responses to “Last ride for 2005”

  1. Anonymous muslimartist 

    shoulda taken tha mrs. with ya...

  2. Anonymous Caffeinated 

    I hope you were comfortable driving all of those hours!

    What did you do when you were at the border?

  3. Anonymous Toomz 

    Glad your friend didn't get hurt. Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous Edjamacated Guy 

    that sounds like a crackload of're one of those cool people that hang out at the galleria2000 second cup now huh :p..

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