Harley's Day Out

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Kuwait HOGs
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
Went out today with the HOGs of Kuwait. HOG = Harley Owners Group. It was all great appart from my wife being sick from the morning and feeling dizzy all day long. The star of the day was this bike with its great customizations, heard it costs 2000 KD extra to beef up a normal bike to look this good. After lunch we had a sale on old and used bike parts and accessories. Bought a couple of stuff that can help me start my own bike beefing.

5 Responses to “Harley's Day Out”

  1. Blogger Judy Abbott 

    i hope your wife gets better.
    its great weather today ..it really needed a rave party :)

    glad you enjoyed it

  2. Blogger clandestine proximity 

    yearn do I the day we shall cut thru the wind rumbling (but not tumbling) the miles away to...anywhere really...JUST GET UR DAMN BIKE!
    organ donor my rear fender...(custom please)

  3. Blogger The Stallion 

    I'm glad you had fun! ;) As for your wife I thought she was ok when I saw her at the mall!

  4. Blogger sheela_b 

    guess what, i have even tried Harley's once, turned out it was too HUGE for me that i couldnt even get both my hands and feet on it! It was embrassing and hilarious.

  5. Blogger Caffeinated 

    Harleys are good for relaxing. But the croch rockets.. they always get the stares.

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