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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
I went and watched the movie tonight in Al Fanar with two things in mind; testing the new revamped Kuwait cinema thingi and the movie.
Movie review: Almost true to the game but evolved to giving more details about the story. Half the weapons appear and half the mosnters but not all of them, I think they left the rest to part 2. The rock is good actor as well as the rest of the cast.
Part II: The Cinema.
Well it suscks like no other damn possible way and today my friends and fellow bloggers was my official last day to those crazy movie spoiling freaks.
They edit every movie to make it fit into and 90 minute slot and thus terribly cutting some scenes that might be esssential to the story. In doom they did cut recklessly scenes left and right to ruin the movie and in the end we got 90 minutes exactly of it.
And then the ammazing rule. Families sit in the back, single in the front, so since I went with a male friend to watch the movie, they stuck us in the front seat while 3/4 of the theater was empty. What a mess and what a waste of money and after 90 minutes you need a doctor's visit to fix the neck pain.
KNCC, Cinescape or whatever you want to call it is the worst experience in my life. They can got to DOOOOOOOOOM with their theaters, laws and above it all the useless editing of the movies. Pirated DVDs come also at the same time of the lunch, and I wonder why people prefer them!!!

PS: spelling errors are intenshenal.

5 Responses to “Doom”

  1. Blogger The Stallion 

    I had the DVD for about 2 weeks now!A clear copy too!

    I stopped going to the theater in Kuwait a long time ago! The only reason I went was because my ex ("D") wanted to go so we went together!

    I would rather pay KD1.500 for a DVD that is full and uncensored instead of KD3.500 or whatever the prices are now! If I don't like the DVD I could return it for another and if I do like it I get to keep it! :oP

  2. Blogger The Don ® 

    Last time I walked in to a theatre in Kuwait was back in the year 2000.. now you understand my disappointment.. it is not that I am dieing to see nudity on a big screen, hell, I can look at that as I type this in the office if I wanted to, just the idea of chopping everything off as they desire makes me wanna punch someone.. so I decided.. screw that.. game over.. if I was anywhere in the world other than the middle east I wouldn’t miss the movie theatre experience, but over here, a 50 something flat screen, good surround system installed, and a 15 KD dvd player will do the trick.. :)

  3. Blogger fadibou 

    They are chopping anything to make it fit 90 minutes, useless chopping. I just hate it, they ruin the movie and above it all, they are not polite and they talk as if they are the only people who can bring a movie into town. Imagine sitting in the front rows with the head bent upwards like its a dentist's appoitment.

  4. Blogger Kthekuwaiti 

    I refuse to watch movies in Kuwaiti Cinemas ... I will wait until decent dvdrips are released and download them. While on the topic of downloading/watching .. any idea where I can get Microsoft Media Center, Microsoft Remote Keyboard and Microsoft Remote Control?

  5. Blogger Caffeinated 

    fight censorship!

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