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bekaa valley
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
It's official, I am off to Beirut next for a short vacation, mainly to catch some of the latest snow pics and to check on my folks. I am going to the same area this shot was taken from to add some snow into the scene, I hope the skies are clear so that the only thing extra is the lovely white snow. Any special requests for medicine, sweets, coffee, or even pets can be posted in the comments section. Can't get you back any alcoool but will surely drink a glass or 2 on your behalf.

5 Responses to “Back to Lebanon”

  1. Blogger Jazz Central 

    What?? Ya 3ammu Fadibou...khaleek ma3na bil kuwait! Your always out of town...granted you deserve a vacation, but take us with u! Yalla...have fun :)

  2. Blogger The Stallion 

    Have fun my friend! Enjoy the snow! I miss snow!

  3. Blogger clandestine proximity 

    ebba zouzou
    my sandwitchmate
    i'll be in leb too.let's connect.bring a butter n jam sandwitch with you, i'll bring zaatar
    when we going in line skating?

  4. Blogger Caffeinated 

    Bis-salaamah! Pack a jacket, or even a coat! :-)

  5. Blogger fadibou 

    I will bring some snow and zaatar with me, anyone for wine ?

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