The Marina, Dubai

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The Marina
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
19 months ago I quit Dubai. Almost everyone knows this by now. But this week I took a shot of a place which was a simple desert when I left. It was empty, not a stone was there. Now its the scene of 181 new tower of which more than 60 have been ereceted and more than 10 have been completed. My Dubai experience has been shifted somehow in the past week. In a summary; New building and a lot of them, road construction everwhere, traffic of at least 1 hour per trip to anywhere, petrol double that of Kuwait, retaurents who charge 600 dhs for a meal for 3 (600 dhs = 48 kd) and more to that, no place to dine in the evening without reservation, verbally no place. But inspite of all that, you can feel a city rising in the desert to become the brightest in the world. The infra and construction projects will catapult it to compete with other great cities in everything except age. One last word; I don't think low or medium income people can survive in Dubai, its too expensive and too tempting.
Kuwait, I am loving it.

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  1. Blogger Mark 

    wow, i love cities with tall buildings..

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