Is there a good Falafel place in Kuwait ?

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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
I miss falafel so much, I got this shot today and with no deliveries in sight and no one willing to commit suicide in bringing us a menu, my friends are bombarding me with shots of food from Lebanon. Is there a good falafel place in Kuwait ?????

4 Responses to “Is there a good Falafel place in Kuwait ?”

  1. Blogger Hellraiser 

    Only One DODO in Salmiyeh and the Chef is Beyrouteeeh

  2. Blogger Babbler 

    As a general rule, Good falafel can be bought from Sharq.
    I have a number of places to recommend, try them out and pick your favourite. To me, they all have different flavours.
    1. Sharaf (Sharq)
    2. Nawarah Al-asli (Sharq)
    3. Qadsiya co-op
    4. Nawarat AlKuwait (Sharq)

    Most importantly, make sure to order freshly made-ones..and nibble on them while driving back home :D

  3. Blogger Moey 

    Dodo (Salmiyeh)
    Munira (Salmiyeh)
    something al-5ayrat (salmiyeh as well)

  4. Blogger fadibou 

    Thank you for the tip moey, I will try DODO tomorrow.

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