Quality Control not passed !!!

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Qaulity.net, What are they upto those days. I mean their speed has become so lousy that a 512 line can't keep me connected to Xbox live. Its a fact, their speed has dropped so badly. I mean they shoud call it "What??? Quality.net". currently, what lacks in their services is quality. It was so bad tonight, I didnt even get a decent connection till 1:00 am. Reach a high level of frustration at 9:30 and went out for dinner at chilis to avoid the Turtle beach connection they are providing.

4 Responses to “Quality Control not passed !!!”

  1. Blogger nibaq 

    Qualitynet aka ZiftNet

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    good one nibaq. Is fastelco better ?

    Do you advice a shift?

  3. Blogger Mark 

    fasttelco 512 is slower then qualitynet 512 plus blocks more websites. Qualitynet also have MUCH better customer service.


  4. Blogger fadibou 

    This is really a bad situation. On average I am getting disconnected in 1 out of 3 games. My PCs are all off to keep the line at maximum utilization for Xbox Live but still I am getting disconnected. Thanks Mark for the fasttelco update.

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