To Ride or not to Ride

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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
I love Vrods. I really do. Never been a bike lover before i saw the vrod from Harley Davidson. What a bike. Harley lovers hate it. They call it a honda with an HD branding. But now the question is to buy a bike or a car.

5 Responses to “To Ride or not to Ride”

  1. Blogger The Don ® 

    Personally, I do appreciate the bike, but don’t see my self buying it.. a great technology, but I couldn’t get over the way it looked.. it doesn’t look like a Harley.. and I am not talking about old skool bikes.. not at all.. I love the new skool looks, but this one had something that doesn’t make it in the same category of American motorcycles.. look at the pictures of my bike in this blog enrty, and you’ll know what I am talking about.. the spirit is not there in the Vrod.

    The Weekend I was waiting for

    That’s my .02 cents.. :)

  2. Blogger samboose 

    Well I'd say which do you need more? Prioritize. i'm all for getting a bike, but that's a luxury, do you "NEED" the car or is it a luxury (as in a second car for fun) Maybe you can get the car and later get the bike.

    I have new found appreciation for bikes. Don't know specifics I just like them their pretty....he he hespoken like a true female:)

  3. Blogger The Don ® 

    Samboose, hehehe kebartay eb3aini..

  4. Blogger fadibou 

    I agree with you samboose, so I am getting the bike.

  5. Blogger samboose 

    The Don, he he he!!! I thought I was already kabeera ib3ainik...LOL!!

    Fadibou, just make sure you really choose the right one so you don't regret your choice.

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