K750i Sony Ericsson

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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
My 7th mobile this year and I am full of hope this time I will not change this one for a while. It's got all that I need. Organizer, Calender, a lot of contacts. The winning points are:
- It's fast and small.
- It's got a 2MP Camera
- It's an mp3 player
- It's a radio
- It's easy to use.
and It's miiiiiiiine.
bye bye Nokia and as an advice, please make those menus faster, they are bloody damn slow.

11 Responses to “K750i Sony Ericsson”

  1. Blogger iDip 

    OMG your 7th this year! mashallah

    and I thought I'm addicted!

    Welcome to the Sony Ericsson World, if you want the menu to work faster, take your phone to Bicco workshop in Sharg (Behbehani Building) it will get better. I don't know what did they do to my phone, but it responds faster than before.

    that's thier number:

    Working Hours:
    09:00-12:45 & 15:30-19:15
    09:00-13:00 & 14:00-17:00

  2. Blogger Tata Botata 

    Welcome to the club ;)
    This thing is the coolest thing I bought in a long time.

    Amazing what you can do with the deafult 64 Megs, I'm cumming my pants just thinking about buy a whole 1 gig memory stick.

    Rock on fellow K750i-er :p

  3. Blogger BLaSha 

    YAY!! i LOVE sonyericsson, nokia is stupid, stupid and stupid... its like they make a whole bunch of mobile with the same features jus one with radio the other is without, meh.. o o o and ya.. one with bluetooth n the other is not.. i mean, be like sonyericsson since its major change after the T610 then the T630 its like its all there, bluetooth, ir, radio all... n its jus the memo thingie they've fixed it with the k750 now the k750i... way to go SONYERICSSON, i love u ppl :P

  4. Blogger NuNu™ 

    Everyone's talking about that sony ericsson!! I'm thinking of getting myself a new mobile and everyone's telling me to buy a sony ericsson mobile!! But I really do prefer nokia instead. What do you think? =/

  5. Blogger fadibou 

    Its my first sony ericsson, always loved nokia, but i need to leave as nokia with their same old slow interface betrayed me in the last 3 mobiles. now I gotta leave them and enjoy the new relationship with Sony ericsson K750i. It rocks.
    Even my wife loves it and wants to take it away

  6. Blogger Salted-Caramel 

    My goodness! The 7th? I haven't changed my mobile since last year.

  7. Blogger Edjamacated Guy 

    hehe what did you do with the communicator?

  8. Blogger fadibou 

    gone with the winds

  9. Blogger samboose 

    Salted-caramel, I'm like you!! I've avtually never bought myself a mobile. I keep getting them as gifts because people think I need to get with the program...he he he!!!

    Ok So it's time for me to change though. Like you Fadibou i love Nokie, it's the only phone i've ever used. So do you recommend your phone?

    I'm on the look out for a change....suggestions?

  10. Blogger fadibou 

    sambooose, get the Ericsson K750i and you won't regret it. I have tried sony/eric before and found them stupid to use but this one is a new concept. I am saying it has everything and on top of that its fast. Its got a decent camera 2.0 MP and i use it now as an mp3 player. I have no -ve comments about it.

  11. Blogger samboose 

    Definate consider!!! I should go and check it out this weekend then!

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