Dubai Duty Free

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Dubai Duty Free
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
As most of you know, I spent wednesday night in Dubai airport, this shot is not from the local market, this is Dubai Duty Free at 3:00 AM. By 4:30 AM it was even worse. Enjoy.

6 Responses to “Dubai Duty Free”

  1. Blogger Jazz Central 

    although you had a bad ordeal...welcome home. I can't imagine how "comfortable" you were sleeping in the airport.

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    man you can't believe it, anyway, thank you for the welcome and you don't believe how happy i am to return back home :)

  3. Blogger NuNu™ 

    You slept in the airport?!!! That's... Bad!! =/

  4. Blogger fadibou 

    yep nunu, felt like the movie "The Terminal" but i can speak the language and had enough food :).
    It was very interesting experience but would not do it again. Although recenlt I have been doing it a lot.

  5. Blogger NuNu™ 

    Well, it's a good thing you had enough food though ;P
    Welcome back home anyway!!

  6. Blogger Moey 

    damn, i see alot of egyptians

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