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catch of the day
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
So I took off today and went with my friends fishing. What a day, it started at 8:30 where I was sick and called to cancell my trip. Things got better by 10:30 and I decided to join them and went to Fahaheel beach club or something. We left with a mild sea and went to Qobbar island and we stayed around it. I was too sick to start fishing and everyone was catching fish except me, lying on the deck and enjoying the sun and the sleepy mood I was in. After lunch I got myself ready to fish and took corner and started throwing the line. I verbally threw my line like 50 times without even a fish hissing near me. Everyone started to make fun of my fishing and they were saying that I am like the owner of a restuarent, feeding the fish for free so they can come again. At 4:00 i decided to try something new. I mixed the squid and shrimp baits to make it kabab style bait. And there you go, my customers turned out to like Kababji style baits. I started by fishing the biggest She3ry of the day. Then some cat fish and 1 hour later, something big hooked in my line that almost cut my fingers. It was too tough, 5 minutes of wrestling at the depth of 50 feet and it snapped the line from the hook, everyone said its a big barracuda as it cut the line from the hook with its teeth. Three more cat fish and another big catsh, I spent another 5 to minutes to get it out but again it cut the line, I started feeling bad then . We moved to a new spot and another big pull and I started to take it out. It was too tough for me to handle and my friend who is a kuwaiti and used to those fish too the line and started playing along with the fish till we got it out. and there you go, catch of the day, a Dil3a, thats what they told me the name is and its 15 lovely pounds ready for my lunch tomorrow :)

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  1. Blogger Edjamacated Guy 

    wooahh..thats a mighty fine catch man. i wanna go fishing, havent been fishing in over a month..

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