The Canon 5D is Real

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Canon EOS 5D
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
Turns out that the 5D is real. This morning Canon officially announced that the world’s lightest and smallest full-frame digital SLR (the full-frame thing is a very big deal for anyone who is serious about digital photography), the new 12.8 megapixel Canon 5D. Should retail for under $3,300 when it hits stores later this year. With the X360 and the 5D, there goes November's salary. Nibaq I think will soon follow the train. Here is the link

7 Responses to “The Canon 5D is Real”

  1. Blogger Patrick 

    my 6.1 MP Nikon D70 will serve me well, in my opinion, it's a waste of money to spend more than $1,000 on a camera if you're not photographer getting paid. What's the point?

    If you know how to use a camera, the pictures look as good as any other Camera.

    Well. That's my 2 cents. =]

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    good point patrick, I guess it makes good sense, but why not start getting paid for it :)

  3. Blogger Patrick 

    Because we have other things we should be doing, I wouldn't mind getting paid for pictures, and I'm going to attempt to find a job, but my studies come first. So I'm not going to work my ass off on getting some pictures for a magazine or newspaper and just ignore my work for university.

    It'd be cool to get paid for pictures. I must admit. =]

  4. Blogger fadibou 

    I am getting the camera, so I hope someone starts paying to see my photos =]

  5. Blogger mar 

    camera? did we discuss this?

  6. Blogger fadibou 

    It comes along with the Tennis bracelet, same discussion I guess :P

  7. Blogger Luckybellybuddha 

    quite honestly I think of all digi cameras as computers but with optical elements.
    This means that their rate of change is as fast as that of laptops & desktops which makes buying a digital camera a perfect case of (horses for courses). meaning what are you going to do with it.
    I am using a 22 megapix at the moment & it gives me images that reach 540MB each at Max res.
    But even this monster suffers from the (tiling design) of the CCD.
    The day they manage passing RGB through the same single element is I think when they can claim that they've cracked it.
    until then, anything like say the Nikon 8800 would be the best choice.
    Remember 5700 & D1x? It felt like things could only improve just a bit further, but there you have them now.. wow.
    Just one point regarding Canon in particular, & I mean SLR's. They seem to have "Red" problems.
    But good luck with what you'll go for.
    Oh & 1 more thing with Digital SLRs:
    If you are going for one, may I suggest that you buy one good zoom lens that would cover most of your needs, put it on & try your best not to take it off again as minute specs that enter the cameras would stick to your CCD & it will be a pain in the neck to try to clean the CCD as they increase, & they will, then it'll be heavy usage of PhotoShop's Clone tool :-)

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