Virgin Megastores

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Virgin Megastores
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
Define Sunday: A day where you wake up late, have a nice breakfast, have a nice lunch, watch Formula1, then a football match or a basketball game and watch Lebanon beat Jordan(the country, not Michael Jordan)then go out and have a combination of sheesha, beer, ice cream and a nice lebanese burger. That was how I lived till 1997. Then came Sunday in the GCC: Second day of the week. The rest of the universe is doing the lazy things and we are working. We have to run away from work to watch Formula1 and make silyy excuses and will surely miss seeing Lebanon beat Jordan as we can't take 2 breaks per day.
Part of the lazy outing at night is downtown beirut and the photo is of the Virgin Megastores building, yeah, forgot to tell you, it's a building in beirut, not a shop like Marina Mall, They sell R-rated movies, Region 1, they don't dress women on magazines with pens, and they surely have a lot more music and electonics. But keeping with the traditions of their virginity, the prices are high!!

6 Responses to “Virgin Megastores”

  1. Blogger Salted-Caramel 

    Lebanese burger. Yum. I wanna try one of those!

  2. Blogger Salted-Caramel 

    BTW, is Virgin Beirut more expensive than Virgin Kuwait? My guess would be yes, due to sales taxes, non?

  3. Blogger fadibou 

    You're getting a lebanese burger delivery soon :)
    Virgin prices are slightly higher than Virgin Kuwait but they seem to sneak some items at lower prices.

  4. Blogger Sergio 

    Ya sadiqi, just found your blog online!
    You know I'm vegeterian, so no lebanese burgers, but because I need tabouleh and hoummous at Le Chef, and the genuine straightforwardness of the lebanese, I'll be in Lebanon from 16 Dec to 12 Jan. Will u be there? How's Mariana? Send us an e-mail : yalla, c u fi Lubnen, sadiqi!

  5. Blogger Eppa 

    Enjoy the Lebanese Burger ONLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY:):):):):):):):):) But for sure u were enjoying our Outings @Johnny Rockets(kuwait) ...Kno??:):):):)

  6. Blogger fadibou 

    fava: I think I am going to kill you when i see you with a camarao.(Intao Chevalla got me in trouble) Missing you loads and hope to see you online. Lord Bletch is back, I am so happy :) :) :) :)
    I will be in beirut for sure from 21 Dec to 2nd of Jan so we can catch everything in digital

    Eppa: Johny is so bad without you :(
    At least we will have McTimbers in France :)

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