Sergio Fava

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Sergio Fava
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
The thing I hate the most is to loose friends. Moving around and living in different countries got me loosing a lot of friends and loosing contact with them. I will be posting each week a photo of a friend so that they will locate me if they ever search for their name. This week its of Sergio Fava (aka Camarao) he recently found my blog and posted a comment on it. Sergio got me into DSLR photography and into publishing my photos over the web. I will see sergio in December. Here is a link to his website, needs updates though: aesthesis

5 Responses to “Sergio Fava”

  1. Blogger Salty-C 

    Big tattoo.

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    nice idea, I will dedicate more blogs about tatooed people :)

  3. Blogger Salted-Caramel 


  4. Blogger Babbler 

    I want to get a tattoo, can ya suggest where would be a good spot on a female?

  5. Blogger fadibou 

    babbler: Thats' out of my field of expertise. I prefer females without tattoos.

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