The new version of Windows

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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
Well you all know it as Longhorn. Official name has been released but I can't tell you :P .But I had a chance to see it and work on it and I can't show you the photos too :P
I attended my first day of MGB ( Microsoft Global Briefing ). It's were 10,000 employees meet in one room and get to see the new products. Started at 7:00 and finished at 8:30. I am wasted and so glad i am blogging. I have a party to catch where i have to sing. Enjoy the noise.

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  1. Blogger Kthekuwaiti 

    Welcome to the states ... :)

    There are some nice restuarants in Atlanta .. I suggest you also visit the buckhead area. And there is a moroccon restuarant thats quite good. And I want a beta of Vista!

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    I hated the Moroccan resto. I went there last year. The Owner is Lebanese and then dancers are Ameriacn, I don't know what was morroccan about it. Anyway thanks for the tip, I have been roaming around usign MARTA and this is my second time in Atlanta, Not my favourite city though but still can get video games, shop for my wife, get books and take some great shots of the area.

  3. Blogger Kthekuwaiti 

    Personally, I hated Atlanta .. not to mention, I was there during the worst storm in 10 years; that wasnt fun either. There was a great Jaz bar downtown .. and a nice rest. on top of a hotel. Dont remember much else, my brain chooses to ignore that visit.

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