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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
I noticed this building opposite to my office. At any given day, it has more than 7 external eleveators with workers in them. Its 55 degrees, windy and dusty and the poor guys are working in the outside at an elevation of 10 stories min. and in the worst possible conditions. God bless them.

7 Responses to “Elevation”

  1. Blogger Ringabelle? 

    Well even if we are inside, watching them, feeling sorry for them and our AC is freezing, our conditions are not much better if you know what i mean :)

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    I have to agree, God bless us ;)

  3. Blogger s "r0ckah0lic" J 

    Nice photo!

    I'm assuming this photo was taken around noon... labourers aren't supposed to be made to work outside between 12 pm - 4pm 'cause of the heat. But these companies totally disregard the law and force them to work regardless of the conditions. You must've seen articles regarding this on page 3 of "Arab times" almost single day..


  4. Blogger Babbler 

    fadi & ringabelle:
    the grass always looks greener on the other side.

  5. Blogger Edjamacated Guy 

    it reached 55 degrees???

  6. Blogger fadibou 

    edj: the thermo read 55
    babbs: I totally agree
    sJ9/r0ckah0lic: it was round noon

  7. Blogger Babbler 

    I have just realised that this building is so close to my work place when I took a different turning than usual this morning!

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