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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
Watching several sci fi movies in the past years, I remember those long powerful dust storms they used to create, where the hero gets lost while looking for his way back to the base. We used to think that life on Mars would be so tough and ask: why are they doing those colonies over there. Now I realize how similar that is to Kuwait city and the local duststorms.
Hot weather, fast winds, bad visibility and gloomy skies. Why do people live here?

4 Responses to “Dustland”

  1. Blogger Babbler 

    Kuwait can make millions hosting all the Sci-Fi movies here.

    Unfortunately, the dust is not detering people from going out. Hence, the horrible road congestion on Fahaheel and Maghreb motorway, and not forgetting 4th ring road.

    The only vacation-effects I am sensing is how easy it is to get to work in a morning :D

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    I am off tomorrow for my 2 day weekend. That is a vacation, at least you got me off the road :)

  3. Blogger Salted-Caramel 

    *singing* "Wa6ani 7abeebi. Wa6ani il'3ali. Wa6ani ilnajm il3alee, Wa6ani!" :D

  4. Blogger Babbler 

    I am sure you are back by now to congest the roads fadibou!
    hope you had a nice weekend

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