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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
I have passed by those blue structures and never knew why they are there, some say they are water tanks and some say its just a show off, I like them, but still don't know why they are there!!

10 Responses to “Blues”

  1. Blogger Salted-Caramel 

    I heard it's water tanks too!

  2. Blogger Mark 

    they are water tanks. google it for more info.

  3. Blogger Jazz Central 

    They are water tanks. But don't know if they still use it and is it just for veiwing puposes. It has become one of Kuwait's landmarks.

  4. Blogger fadibou 

    thanks for the tips, I will google it for more
    I bet the view from the top is worth a lot of photos :)

  5. Blogger Babbler 

    I love their view at night with the blue lights shining from the bottom. I think they look unusual. Check out the ones on 5th ring road around the Alsideeq area of southren Surra.

  6. Blogger fadibou 

    The ones in the photo are the 5th ring road tanks, I will try to cover the rest soon, hoping they are different , slightly,

  7. Blogger q8Sultana 

    My Ministry of Electricity and Water connection tells me that they are fresh water tanks, and yes they are still in use. Apparently the salt water towers look slightly different, and the only one my friend could think of are located in Jahra.

  8. Blogger fadibou 

    hala walla q8sultana: Great updates, now we have to discover 2 things; a way to get on top of them and take some photos and find where the salties are.

  9. Blogger q8Sultana 

    Well, I will ask my "wasta" if it would be possible to have like a quided tour or somehting. And if it's even possible to get on top of the towers.
    Apparently all of them are guarded, so don't try climbing over the fence :o)

  10. Blogger fadibou 

    I noticed the fence, I was hoping to avoid jumping over it with the help of someone with long arms or very good contacts :)

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