Robin in the heat

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Originally uploaded by fadibou.
I never thought of seeing birds out in this heat. It's boiling outside but they don't seem to care. I have robins who come and wake me up everyday all through the winter but summer time toooo!!! It becomes more ammazing as I see them picking up dry grass for their nests. I promise more photos as they are building the nest in my bedroom window :)

5 Responses to “Robin in the heat”

  1. Blogger Edjamacated Guy 

    do you do a lot of birdwatching?

  2. Blogger fadibou 

    almost everyday. but would like to get tips on some nice locations so I can use a 400mm lense.
    do you know any?

  3. Blogger Maryam 

    uhh birds are annoying... there are two nests at my bedroom windows and the pigeons.. The female had 2 eggs, wa7da 3afant for no reason and other baby pigeon disappears from the nest... I assume it fell down... Then she had other two eggs which they grew up and became able to fly for a little bit... Yesterday... I found one of them in the garden dead laying on his face... what a stupid pigeon.?

    Check out for "Bird watching" under “Outdoors section”. You may find good information there

  4. Blogger Mark

  5. Blogger fadibou 

    I will try the kuwiki tips, thank you :)

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