Fahaheel Road

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Fahaheel Road
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
So, how do you know you are back to Kuwait?
1. Car accidents on Fahaheel Road
2. At least 2 car accidents per day
3. 48 degress Celcius
4. White dusty skies
5. AC is screaming for mercy
6. Car accident occupying One lane but the other four are blocked for spectators
7. Four radio stations and none broadcasting traffic reports
8. Best way to spend an evening is blogging and reading other people's blogs.

12 Responses to “Fahaheel Road”

  1. Blogger Hellraiser 

    Get it a Life!!

  2. Blogger Judy Abbott 

    you've been posting about this road accidents alot well do u blame it still on the people??

    well if this countries drivers are idiots why make complicated roads for them ..like fehaheel road has to have punps for drivers in kuwait :P

  3. Blogger fadibou 

    The thing about this road is that its a straight line mostly, what can the gov do to change it?
    The drivers are surely reckless and would not call them idiots.
    They endanger themselves and others.
    The only thing about it is the following:
    After living in 5 coutries so far, I never saw an accident each morning in anywhere except for kuwait, and especially this road.

  4. Blogger Hellraiser 

    Wakher Yuba Keifi!!

  5. Blogger Hellraiser 

    OK so now we know you lived in 5 countries and that you are a perfect diver and an amateur fotograph with a penchant for marginal movies and a great afficionado of Calamities :) Boy do I really need friends like these...

  6. Blogger fadibou 

    I am sorry I got you into blogging.
    It was the only space free from hellraisers.

  7. Blogger Rampurple 

    I think the problem is that the highways are straight and usually empty... it encourages speeding!

  8. Blogger Salted-Caramel 

    Home sweet Home! ;P

  9. Blogger Hellraiser 

    fadibou: Sometimes we have to accept the consequences of our actions...

  10. Blogger fadibou 

    nice to see rampurple blogging again :)
    Hellraiser, let me see how you will drive the Porsche on the twisted roads to Khorfakan :)
    I am thinking that I will take a seperate car and let you take the photos.

  11. Blogger Jazz Central 

    I swear your list is so true! I love the one about AC screaming for mercy, and the one with an accident happening in one lane and the other for spectators...THAT SO TRUE! Hope you don't mind, I copied and pasted this list in a word document and posted it up in my office for others to see. Don't worry, i gave credit you. I don't plagiarize...i know better :)

  12. Blogger fadibou 

    Be my guest. I don't mind if its all copied at all :)

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