Crazy Car

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Crazy Car
Originally uploaded by fadibou.
How crazy can a car be, match this!!!!
I don't know what kind of girls you can pick up with a car like this, 8 year olds ?

6 Responses to “Crazy Car”

  1. Blogger Mark 


  2. Blogger W. 

    you're the fist person on the blogphere who appreciates Ayn Rand!!

    I'm SO happy ((sobs)) I thought I was alooooonee!!!

    Hi, I'm W.... who're you?

  3. Blogger Papillona ® 

    hehehe, only 8?
    I don't think so!!!!!!!!
    you'll be shocked !!

  4. Blogger fadibou 

    w: I am so into Ayn Rand, that I was reading The Fountainhead on Miami Beach instead of the usual miami beach activities ;)

    I have all the books anytime you need to burrow.

    sarah: you mean more than 8 or less??

  5. Blogger W. 

    walla good for you! I began during my 3rd year in College, my instructor recommended it to me, "Wasma, if you read the Fountainhead, you'd want to kill youself for architecture.."

    I read it during my senior project last year.. was an amazing and most inspiring novel..

  6. Blogger mar 

    Wasma, fadibou AKA my baby, forced me to read it, I stopped my life for 3 days and did nothing except reading the "fountainhead". I loved it. bUt can't get myself to read the rest of the books.

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