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Today started with this bliss. Bliss is the default wallpaper of Microsoft Windows and it shows green grass with blue skies and usually some nice feathery clouds. Howver it ended in a bad way. At 7:30pm and while i walked with my wife on the gulf road, I hear a bike and it was very loud. I looked at the bike while the driver was starting to take the front wheel of the ground (very normal in Kuwait). He took it up and accelerated and the bike flipped. What a scene, he was doing at least 150KM/hr and he flipped and all we could see was the flares from the bike making a spectacle of light while it dragged on the ground for like 100m.

We kept on walking although my wife wanted to stop and watch, but we could hear the ambulance coming 5 minutes after the crash. I hope he survives, but at the speed it's not a bliss.

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  1. Blogger Edjamacated Guy 

    i really like that picture man

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