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Today's shot is of a lovely blue bird, in Lebanon we call this bird "Deek
May" (Water rooster), I don't know what it's called in Kuwait, but its
surely the same bird.

Another flight attempt


Another flight attempt
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A volleyball game and another flight attempt.

The Real Burger


The Real Burger
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I don't know about everyone else, but I used to think Johnny Rockets has
the best burger in town.

I changed my mind, Casper & Gambini's beef burger rocks.
Great looks and even better taste, I don't know about the waiting period
but for some it's worth it.



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Everyday from the conference room in my office, I can see those big tankers come and go.

They are so huge and distracting when there is a meeting.
It's even worse when the colors are right.



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Remember the guy from Street Fighter who could fly?
Dhalsim, the indian yoga master who could fly, extend his hands and legs and was able to kill his opponnents from the opposite side of the screen.
My brother can do 1/2 of that, he can fly.

Lamborghini Heaven


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Do you know how many Lamborghinis are there in kuwait?

Hint 1: its over a 100
Hint 2: its more than the rest of the middleeast
Hint 3: its more than South America

If I ever had a chance to own one, it should be here. Wish me luck :)

Communication Breakdown


Have you seen this tower in Salwa, block 3?
Well it's the first thing i see every day, and I have no clue what's it for.
It's like 10 stories high and got all kinds of stuff attached to it and it installed over a buildng thats always empty.

Tell me please, what is it for? please.

Cedar Wings


I lived in an area called Shweifat from 1978 to 1982.
It overlooked Beirut International Airport( now the Rafiq Al Hariri Airport) and I used to watch the planes go up and come back.

This time, it was the other way around, I was at the airport and behind the tail of this plane, I could see Shweifat.

I miss being Seven again.



I have not been able to post as I was travelling for some time and didnt have internet connection for most of the time, so I decided an easy exit. I will post all the photos of last week by posting the link.

Security with Service Pack 2


I have been in Qatar for some time and we have had a stand at an IT exhibition called Comit.

As usual we try to be as crazy as possible and taking that into consideration, we try to invite others to be as crazy as we are .....

The Little Blue


Remembering the movie "The big Blue" and the scene where he dives at night with the dolphins, pools at night are so attractive with the luminance of blue water against a dark contrasting night.

Three days in Qatar so far and still blogging ....

Doha bay, Qatar. Sunset


Today's blog is from Doha bay, Qatar. This place is ammazing. Qatar is not only catching up with Dubai, its really in fast forward mode. Each trip you can see the country aiming to catch Dubai. Don't know if they can do that, but they sure are doing the right steps.

Doha bay is also changing and the highrise are shooting up so fast, the place looks totally different each month.



Today started with this bliss. Bliss is the default wallpaper of Microsoft Windows and it shows green grass with blue skies and usually some nice feathery clouds. Howver it ended in a bad way. At 7:30pm and while i walked with my wife on the gulf road, I hear a bike and it was very loud. I looked at the bike while the driver was starting to take the front wheel of the ground (very normal in Kuwait). He took it up and accelerated and the bike flipped. What a scene, he was doing at least 150KM/hr and he flipped and all we could see was the flares from the bike making a spectacle of light while it dragged on the ground for like 100m.

We kept on walking although my wife wanted to stop and watch, but we could hear the ambulance coming 5 minutes after the crash. I hope he survives, but at the speed it's not a bliss.

After the storm


Kuwait as I mentioned earlier, has different kind of storms. Sand storms, 5 days this week it snowed dust and mud, the icky yucky stuff. You wake up and smell dust, the car has thick dust, the floor is dusty and the smell is really out of this world.

But after the storm you get a nice cold wind with lovely clear skies and time for another walk on the gulf road.



No, it's not low cost.

It's actually a stray locust, this guy slammed into my bedroom window and sat down. Camera time, i took 4 shots from the inside and then tried a single attempt to open and shoot up close and personal. But looloo came looloo gone, same speed and vanished.

Late night at work


Today I left work at 10:00 PM.

Its' not normal for me to do that knowing that I usually leave 6 sharp. I love leaving sharp and coming sharp. The best thing I like about leaving late is:
-empty streets
-no waiting at the elevator(I work at the 14th and it usually takes 15 minutes to get an elevator at 6 o'clock
-better music on the radio
-the empty parking
What a difference and contrast. 9:00 am, the parking is full. No where to park but the 2nd basement, officialy known as B2.

The Blizzard


I told you its gonna change,

Here it is, the kuwaiti version of a snowstorm, dust, dust, dust and warm wind. On top of all that, its called "Toz".



So the weather is still good but I can sense a change.

We still have good scenes around town and this one is from the Marina Crescent parking.
One of the very few good places in Kuwait. Somehow I think it looks like stonehenge.

For Sale


Yeah, why not.
Let me try selling my monitor today.

For Sale!
IBM P260 21" Monitor
Great condition and done 18 months of service, 6 in Dubai and 12 in Kuwait, multinational experiece counts as well as holding a regional post.

If interested call +965 9430874
Price is 100 KD, selling while stocks last and this is the last one!
Comes with a free power chord.
Can trade for a Canon 70-300 IS USM Lense or an L-Series lense.

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