Night Time


Kuwait City is changing finally!

Four years ago I took a similar shot and the only visible structures were the "Abraj" and "Burj Al Tahreer".

It's changing those days and I hope we can see a better skyline next year. At least they started to do that in the downtown area.

Can't shoot the Sun!


Call it envy or call it appreciation, or even art or determination, I just started today my photo per day blog.
Regards to Mark for a great idea.

Today's photo is from Marina Crescent.
Subject: Great Sunset.
Story: I saw this great view while passing the bridge between marina mall and the crescent. I got to the crescent and when I started unpacking my camera, the security guys came to me and said:" You can't take photos, its private property"
I said: "What's private about the Sun ???????"
He said: "If I allow you, then everyone will want to take photos"
Everyone does.
So I moved 20 meters away from the Marina and took this shot.
Obviously its allowed!!!!
Have a nice day and upgrade your beliefs, The Sun is private in Kuwait.

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